I am a Autodesk 3ds max Graphics designer

My focus AEC ( architecture engineering & construction) in the 3d World,

I mainly use meters because they are a lot easier to import into a game engine,

With a 15 years of experience in running video games such as Max Payne, Fallout 3 , I love what we do and our whole ethos is on helping our clients.

 My hourly rate for a freelance graphic designer is £27.50 per hour. yearly £45,677 per year.

I don't have photoshop so the models won't be textured,


*3ds max Graphics design
*3ds Max AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction)
*3ds max interior
3ds max exterior
*3ds max special effects
*3ds max video post
*3ds max motion capture
*3ds box modeling,
*3ds basic logo design
*3ds max basic lighting (stardard and photometric daylight system) 

This is Me Anthony I likes to design building in 3ds max. I  have  been using 3ds max for about 10 years i have use 3ds max since v7. my other 3ds max  learning comes from lynda, VTC learning channel  and digital tutors

I got diploma in 3ds max 9  expired from applied software in savannah georgia USA.

i have work in the 3d industry  for about 15 years.

i currently freelance my skills out.

when i am not working i like traveling around london the UK with my Girlfrend