This is Anthony. He likes to design houses in 3d

I have been using 3ds max for about 8 years. i got my degree in 3ds max from applied software in savannah georgia USA. i live in bethnal green east london england UK. i am on the autodesk 3ds max community my screen name is irishman_team_kilber

My History

Welcome to video game architectural design

I have helped design fallout 3 (uncredited)    video game megaton and the surrounding architectural design around the Environment of the video games,and i have help in other video game

i have been helping in the architectural environment for about 10 years.

i freelance my skills out, i mainly use meters in video games because most video game engines accept them and it's a lot easier to import them.

If you want a floor plan or architectural building please send me all the details including a floor plan of what you want the buillding to look like. i don't have access to photoshop so i cannot texture your building

I charge £60 an hour or £52,000 a year