kick-start your Autodesk 3DS Max interior and exterior building architectural designs all built in 3D,  I can  texture. i don't have access photoshop and i have a basic knowledge of lighting, and special effects.

I can model 3D architectural Building for your video game environment or for the for real world build,

 You can send us the floor plan/blueprint/drawing of your architectural ideas, houses, offices, studio apartments for example. make sure you send me all the details you need

I mainly use AEC (architectural engineering and construction)

If you are going to import your model into a game engine example unity we mainly use meters because most game engines accept them.if this is not for gaming then we can model in most units

Prices we charged £60 per hour

£68,645 per year

Training within the London/Southeast England UK is £300 for a 3 day course training in AEC extended

you can contact us through the contact us button.

you can also find my stuff on my facebook page add me to twitter

about me

My name is Anthony, i was born in Northern Ireland but brought up & live in Bethnal Green London, I got my certification in 3DS Max AEC Architectural design. I first started off with poser 3d character modeling software by smithmicro but that was to limited in what i wanted to do.  I have been using 3ds max for 7  and a half years. I studied and got my certification at Applied Software in Atlanta Georgia USA.

i am on the autodesk 3ds max community where i like helping people out my screen name is irishman_team_kilber